Wednesday, December 15, 2004

...long overdue

...I know it's been a while for a posting but it's been really crazy at work with Motley Crue coming up, Rod, and then we have Christmas shopping, my parents practice...hanging with friends...WHERE IS THE RELAXATION??

...oh, the new band name is: Our Finest Hour. Here's our current...image/logo thingee...your thoughts? work's been helping me for gifts for the holidaze. Right now I got my parents for their anniversary/xmas, tickets for Dame Edna on Broadway...for J's bday/xmas, I got him and I tix to go see John Mayer and his Blues Ensemble at Webster...Now all i have left to buy is a little something for my parents, something for Wolf, Jiddy, and...i think just like maybe one or two more...Great and Xmas is only next week!... the past week, it's been a small conflict in my head about...the mentality of others and as to where I stand...or should I say where I should stand. My conclusion is I'm happy with who I am, who i hang with and call my friends regardless of what others may think because the fact is that I know that they will drop everything for me if i was in trouble just as I would do for them. Forgetting about everything that most people take into consideration of a person....age, what they do, etc...they are a person that i can hold a deep conversation with (which is hard for most of...nvrmind). I'm happier than a fish in the ocean just chillin at one of my friend's houses, talking, laughing and listening to music than going out with someone from other cliques and dealing with the annoyance in my head of, "why are you still talking and why do i hang out with you"...

...ok that's done. so for my own xmas present to myself...i'm getting a new guitar case and either the GBA SP or the new Nintendo DS. Can't decide...gotta see how big the end of the year bonus is.

...i've recently joined Gamefly and I must say it's the best thing for any gamer out there. No more latefees, they have a wide selection...I was looking for Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne and Disgaea for the longest time...Gamefly had happy...:)

...and to finalize, I'd just like to pay my respects to Dimebag Darrell. Pantera was my first metal concert I saw back when 101 Proof came out and he was amazing. He surely will be missed...

Song Playing: From Autumn to Ashes - Alive Out of Habit


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