Tuesday, November 30, 2004

...yeah Godzilla Star

...Godzilla is now 50 and has earned his Star on the Walk of Fame! You would think after saving the world numerous times from the likes of Rodan, Mothra and Mechagodzilla, he would get more than a stinkin star. :)

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...Rejoice! LOTR: ROTK EE!!!!!!!

...For the nerds out there like I am, I know you're all excited for the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King Extended Edition (LOTR: ROTK EE for those of you who didn't know what the title meant) to come out on DVD. Well watch this to tide you over till mid Dec!

Song Playing: Nothing cause i'm watching the trailer over and over!

Thursday, November 25, 2004

...Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you all had a good turkey day. I actually made it through mine without any family drama. Maybe because i'm sick. Oh well. I spent most of my day on the couch watching G4TechTV and MTV2. Funny, you'd think that i'd be playing video games all day but no...I was productive cause I wrote a new song for the band and...well...that's the only productive thing I did.

So pending on how I feel, and if I break my cold, tomorrow I think i'm gonna relax with the wolf if i'm better. If not...another day for me inside.

Oh well...i hate being sick but thank the Lord that I have these days off...it's been hectic!

Look for a KillZone review soon!

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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

...Town Raffles Guns to Raise Money for Schools

This article about this town in Texas (of courese) raffling two rifles off to raise money for schools just leaves me speechless.

"Officials said it is easier to raise money selling guns in the area, which is a popular hunting spot, than to peddle cookies and sweets."...nyeah.

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...The Firefox Begins to Feed on IE

"According to OneStat.com, an Amsterdam-based Web metrics firm, Microsoft's Internet Explorer still rules the browser roost with a 88.9 percent usage share, but that number's down a full five points since May." ---TechWeb News, Yahoo

For those of you who still have not found the wonders of Firefox and it's secure web browsing, please check it out. Firefox is a lot safer to use that Internet Explorer (ie: less security loopholes), you can use tabbed browsing, a bunch of great extensions and you can even skin it to whatever theme you'd like!

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Monday, November 22, 2004

....isn't it great...

...when someone in your office get's sick then the rest get sick. WTF. I'm feelin' the hints of a cold. GRRRRR.

...in the mean time, i thought that this was funny. It's Destiny's Child performing with a little blunder. I love how Beyonce keeps on smiling and keeps on truckin'.

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...weekend update

...I am so tired and drained. I'm recycling whatever energy i have not used to get through today and tonite. Don't get me wrong, I had a great weekend:

...Friday night...we had our first rehearsal with everyone friday night. So the five of us set up in Third Rail and start playing the first song that J and I wrote. K gets the drums after awhile and we get the song pretty well. Crap was doing great, K is pretty good (when he's not drinking much). So we then ask S if he has any words or ideas for the song...he tells us to play it from the top and he'll go. So we do...get through the intro...a measure of the first verse...nothing...then the second measure of the first verse...THE BOY SCREAMS OUT "I'D SELL MY SOUL, FOR A CAGE." I look at J and J looks at me. We both have these stupid grins on our faces of HOLY SHIT! Crap was jumping down so happy...of course Crap and I were so happy, we messed up the song and butted guitar heads...but nonetheless, I can now say that I totally am happy with the singer in my band. :) Celebrations occurred afterwords.

...Saturday...Wolf and I went to the Museum of Natural History to see the frogs exhibit. It was actually really cool. They had blue frogs, red frogs, even the frogs that are poisonous. Was fun. We then proceeded to go shopping a little bit and also went to see Finding Neverland that night. What a great movie about the writer of Peter Pan. 2 thumbs up.

...Sunday I showed Rectum around and went shopping. Was pretty fun. I got myself a new backpack by Goorin as well as finding a sale for this week at Circuit City for any Playstation 2 Greatest Hits game for 15.99. Yes I did buy a game...i'm weak what do you want from me. Jak II.

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Friday, November 19, 2004

...back in a band

...ok so I'm back in a band with my best friend J. Background in short is we've been friends since we were tiny fat kids. We grew up playing guitar and formed Harrow, our first band. I left the band and then joined Sarcasm. Played with them a few years, J played with Harrow, then joined Sarcasm with me. After awhile, I quit cause I didn't want to be famous and have that whole lifestyle. J stayed, I went and did the promoting/concert booking thing.

...present day. J was on tour with Sarcasm since May/June and recently returned. We go out to Harry Bowlands and catch up. He tells me he's going to quit and his reasons for it. I will leave his reasons out for the sake of privacy out of respect for him and the band. We decide we form a band together again. Our writing style was great...we would feed off each other making songs that would just hit people in the face. I would always joke that we were like Lennon & McCartney.

...in the past, we never thought we had a great singer. They were good...but there was always that feeling of, it's just not right. Now we have this new singer, our friend S. I have not yet to hear him but everyone has said he's amazing...we shall see.

...for the past two weeks we've been writing and now we have 2 1/2 amazing songs. Last night we wrote this song together that just blows my mind. Think Velvet Revolver meets Emo and that's it. Tomorrow, we are playing at the studio from 11pm to 1am...full band. The truth will come out...is this a band that we'll finally say, "we're happy"?

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Thursday, November 18, 2004

...Bloodrayne 2 Quick Review


Gamespot Review

I've had this game for about a week or so now. I kinda liked the first one and from what I read about the sequal, it looked cool so I went to blockbuster to get it.

The graphics are polished up and the cutscenes are dazzling. The gameplay still has the same feel as the old game but Rayne has some new moves. That's basically it. The plot is that Rayne is killing off the spawn of her father, whom she supposedly killed in the first game.

Basically that's about it. Cool new moves, hot half vampire chick, lotta boobie shots and hack'n'slach through your way through this game. Simple and fun

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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

...Finally Roth Finds His Niche

David Lee Roth, former lead singer of Van Halen, has found his calling...as a paramedic on the streets of NYC!

I will admit, that I did not like Roth as the lead singer of VH as much as I loved Sammy Hagar; really didn't like his voice at all. After VH and Roth parted ways, Roth tried out the solo thang for a while with little to no success. If I recall correctly he had a hit with his cover of California Girls by the Beach Boys.

Now, he's enjoying his anonomity as a paramedic. Finally a good move for Roth.

...REAL LIFE JAWS...kinda

Think the Theme From Jaws

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Monday, November 15, 2004

...R.I.P. The Screen Savers

...The television show on G4TechTV, The Screen Savers, as we know it is dead. In the past year, the two networks, G4 (video game network) and Tech TV (video games and computer stuff) merged to form G4TechTV. Ok...all well and good. There were new shows to watch, but some changes on our loved shows, ie The Screen Savers.

...originally the screen savers was hosted by patrick and leo. Two older fellows that gave tips, tweaks, mods, etc on everything from technology to video games. Then when the merger happened...leo was let go...I didn't care, I never liked him. Leo's show Call For Help was cancelled...again. Didn't care. Kevin Rose was then put in Leo's spot. I thought it was great...he was from the show befere doing Dark Deals so it was a familiar face. Small set changes, but still good ol' Screen Savers.

...then patrick was let go and replaced with Alex Albrecht. I was a little disturbed at first but Alex was a good host. The Screen Savers set changed...and also the content seemed to dumb down a bit from techie stuff to more entertainment stuff and segments on easier to understand tech stuff BUT i still enjoyed watching the show.

...November 11th, many people were cut from G4Tech TV at 11 o'clock and were told to leave by 3pm, that included Yoshi, Dan, Alex Albrecht and produces from the screen savers as well as canning Martin Sargent's Unscrewed show. WHAT THE FUCK?! I feel bad for these people...especially Alex cause they hire him for a few months then can him. Also, when the merger happened, people had to move from the original Tech TV home of San Diego (or Francisco) to LA...now they fire them. That's such bull. The only originals left on TSS is now Kevin Rose and Sarah. TSS is said to be revamped in the upcoming weeks...it'll never be the same. :(

...I have a feeling that G4 is just trying to make G4Tech TV a video game network, with little about tech stuff for teens. The merger should've never happened and now G4 is just being greedy. I miss Tech TV.

...Yes i know this was a huge nerdy post but this shit pissed me off...

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...weekend update

...this weekend was fun and relaxing. Friday the Wolf and I cooked dinner and watched X-men. I needed that...just a relaxing night in. Afterwords we moved the bed and carpet cause it needed to be moved VERY BADLY. And then...4am in the friggin morning, her dog woke us up by barking at the neighbors coming home. Let me tell you, I love dogs but I wanted to do bad things to him. He finally got quiet again about 10 min later...

...Saturday spent the morning with wolf just doing errands. I went to the Passion of Opie & Anthony that night with a few people. It was part of the New york Comedy Festival. Rich Vos, Jim Norton (who is part of my company's roster) and Jim Breuer were performing that night with Opie and Anthony as hosts. Jim Norton and Rich Vos were pretty funny but I was cracking up at Jim Breuer, but I felt his set was short. After, everyone went their seperate ways...was actually an early night for me...

...Sunday was back with the Wolf out shopping. I was looking for a sweater cause it's been cold here lately but I couldn't find anything I liked. Little miss moneybags though bought herself a new puffy puff jacket. She looks cute. We then proceeded to go to A Salt and Battery to indulge in a Deep Fried Mars Bar...DON'T KNOCK IT TILL YOU'VE TRIED IT...but they were out. :( So we then proceeded to go to Pommes Frites for their famous french fries. Those were the best fries i've ever had. Do go and try them out. They're on 2nd ave between st. marks and 7th...

...let me digress here to speak of The Flash (not the DC Comic character...but sidenote, his creator died recently :( ) Anyways, we stopped in front of village x so wolf could put on her new coat cause it was cold...we walk down towards 3rd ave and all I hear is, "SHIT," then she was gone. She left her purse in front of Village X. It was still there thank God...but this girl BOLTED. Literally you could see a trail of dust behind her as she ran through the crowded streets of St. Marks, not even bumping into people. I think she ran so fast that she ran through the people...

...we hit up strands bookstore...BEST BOOKSTORE EVER!...and looked around. Now i wasn't planning on buying anything, i just love walking round there. I then found a book for Wolf...then...staring at me with a huge smile was the book...R.A. Salvatore...hardcover...complete Icewind Dale Trilogy...normally 30 bucks everywhere...9 bucks!!!!. I'm so excited :). But I have two books to read before that...The Touch by I forgot whom, and Tad Williams' The War of the Flowers...

...soon to come...Bloodrayne 2 Review...

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Friday, November 12, 2004

...Marvel at the Wonders of Jager

...hey all. sorry for the late post but it's been busy as all hell around here in these parts. Last night went over to J's with my complimentary bottle of Jagermeister from work and...well...the liter bottle is now down to a 1/4 of a liter...needless to say i feel great this morning except for the fact that i think i've drank 4 bottles of arizona green tea, 3 bottles of poland spring water...AND I STILL HAVEN'T PEED YET...must be replacing all that i lost last night...and man was i gone. We wrote some stuff but i am so sloppy so i need to practice again...

...This weekend will be busy...tonite since it's raining here in the NYC, i'll be spending it in watching dvds with the wolf, tomorrow is opie and anthony with jim breuer, jim norton and rich vos atthe hammerstein ballroom, then sunday thinking of going shopping. we'll see...

...so has anyone seen this? Marvel Comics is suing Cryptic, the makers of City Of Heroes because, if you're not familiar with the Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) City of Heroes, the character creation is so vast and there are so many choices, that the engine allows people to make Marvel Superheroe clones in the game. Therefore, since the engine is diverse to do so, City of Heroes is stealing Marvel Superhero characters.

My thoughts...Marvel is just being greedy and wants in on this hugely popular game. You can't make an exact copy of a marvel superhero from what i heard; just a character that looks remarkably like the superhero. So they're suing on the grounds of the likeness which they do have the right, but c'mon. Marvel is rolling in the dough right now with the resurgance of comic books as well as the comic book movies coming out.

...oh..my rant for the day...people who buy those damn umbrellas that take up 5 highways. I know you want to stay dry but do you know how much of a cock you are by using that damn huge umbrella and blocking the rest of us trying to pass you with our umbrellas. one day i'm just gonna take a razor and slice the top so water just drips down on them...

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Thursday, November 11, 2004

...American Eagle Coupon

Here's a coupon good for only ONE DAY on November 14th at any American Eagle Outfitters for 20% off their holiday line.

...iPod Accesories Gone Mad

iPod Socks. Friggin iPod socks now. I truly do not see a purpose for this. IT'S A DAMN SOCK. It's hardly a good case for the famed iPod but of course, since it comes in 6 FABOLOUS colors for the low FRIGGIN price of 29.99 and is from Apple, people will buy it.

Excuse me while I take my iPod, put it in my argyle socks and whack the people at Apple on the head for abusing those iPod excentrics that must have everything iPod/Apple.


...yeah...too much coffee...I know.

Song Playing: Reel Big Fish - Somebody Loved Me


Ok. I get off the train to go to work and there are 4 escalators I have to go up to get to street level (kinda ridiculous if you ask me). Now common knowledge of the etiquette on escalators is as follows: Keep to the right if you just want to stand and ride the escalator up. The left is for people who are in a rush and want to walk up the escalator.

Now usually on my way to work, I'm keeping to the right cause I'm damn tired, I don't feel like walking up 4 escalator flights. Plus I've only had one cup of coffee and a cigg.

So usually I have to deal with the following types of people who keep to the right:
-People who are still scared that the escalator will eat you and suck you in.
-People who have humongous backpacks that smack you in the face
-And lastly, those people who are unsure of being on the right or the left side so they start walking up when they reach the top of the escalator and then stop. THAT'S A PISSER!

As I walk to the 3rd escalator this woman bolts from the back of the right side, cuts off everyone, ONE BY ONE MIND YOU, then cuts me and stops. I just looked at the back of her head like, "You gotta be kidding me." Seriously, if you're that much in a rush, move to the left and walk your fat ass up the fuckin' elevator and don't be a dick by doing stupid shit like that.

...maybe I got easily pissed off cause I have a headache that won't go away. Time for more tylenol.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

...The Incredibles Review

...last night, the Wolf (who by the way looked damn cute in her little 3/4 coat) and I went out to see The Incredibles, the new Pixar/Disney superhero venture for them to get into this new surge of comicbook/superhero movies that has been going on in the past few years. I'm not complaining though, being a comic book nerd myself, I'm excited about the new Batman movie, the new Superman movie, as well as Ghost Rider, Constantine and even the Fantastic Four movie.

...back to The Incredibles. First and foremost, don't go in with any preconceived notions about the movie. Walk in with a clean slate and you'll enjoy it very much, especially if you're like a comic book/superhero fanboy. I enjoyed it very much and it was very cute.

Just so you know a little about the movie, it's set on an Earth that has superheroes. In the 50's people started sueing the superheroes for causing harm to them while saving them, or damage to property. A law was imposed to have all superheroes act normal and not use their powers ever again. The story goes on from there...it is predictable but also remember, IT'S A CARTOON FOR KIDS!!!

The plot is very family based (duh...Disney) and is basically just a good wholesome, fun, action/comedy cartoon for kids and grownups. Voice talents brought by Craig T. Nelson (COACH!), Holly Hunter (who by the way, her character in the movie is quite sexy...but has a huge ass!...I think it's the voice of Holly Hunter that makes her sexy) and Samuel L. Jackson as FroZone...best double meaning I've heard in a while.

All in all, cute and fun movie :)

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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

...Coupons, get'em while they're hot

20% off almost everything at Borders, Books and Music

Free Holiday Bath Product with purchase of over 10.50 at Bath & Body Works

...its like a worldwide refridgerator door!

...check out this flash novelty. It's like a worldwide refridgerator door full of letters and who ever is on the site can move the letters to spell stuff...yes it sounds stupid but for some odd reason, it's fun.

...Wonka Revisited

...Check out the first poster for the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory remake by Tim Burton starring Johnny Depp as the famous Willy Wonka. This will be a remake of course of the Gene Wilder movie called Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory but this time around it will be truer to nature of the story and much darker. Looking at the poster, I am now curious...

Song Playing: Further Seems Forever - Already Gone

Monday, November 08, 2004

...Liquid Thanksgiving Dinner Anyone?

...well I never thought I would actually see this but Jones Soda has done it. If you are watching your weight but love Thanksgiving dinner, check out the new Jones Soda Holiday Pack which features the flavors of:

Turkey & Gravy Soda
Cranberry Soda
Mashed Potato & Butter
Green Bean Casserole
Fruitcake Soda

No carbs, no calories and not even any caffine...now all I'm waiting for is the pizza that they have in Back to the Future part 2 where all you gotta do is rehydrate it from this little hockey puck to a huge pizza pie.

...LOTR: Third Age & Star Wars Battlefront Quick Reviews

Lord of the Rings Gamespot Review
Star Wars Battlefront Gamespot Review

So Saturday I finally got my new HD Loader and hard drive for my PS2. If you don't know what that is, check out the link. Trust me you won't be disappointed. Greatest investment i've made. If you're still unsure about it, email me and i'll let you in on the dirt about HD Loader.

Anyways, I went to Blockbuster and rented Lord of the Rings: The Third Age and Star Wars Battlefront because those are two games that i've been wanting to try.

Lord of the Rings: The Third Age: This game will be loved by die hard LOTR/Final Fantasy lovers and criticized by the rest. LOTR the Third Age takes the battle engine from Final Fantasy X and tweaks it here and there for the better (adds in NEW EQUIPMENT option in the equip menus). It's a lot cleaner and easier to manage. The scenery is beautiful as well as the characters being well developed. Small complaint is that the story is a little bland but you do get into it. Definitely check this one out.

Star Wars Battlefront: from what i've been told, this is just Star Wars put over the Battlefield 1942 engine (Geez, doesn't anyone make their own game anymore?). I never played Battlefield 1942 but i've heard many good things. In SW: Battlefront you can drive in any of the vehicles, be an imperial trooper, or a rebel soldier...it's great!

I did find myself feeling that things are repetitive. Capturing bases is basically the goal in every campaign that I played. I do like the fact that you can choose different historical campaigns. You can either play the campaigns from the newer movies (Episodes I, II) or the older ones (Episodes IV, V, VI). This game is just full of choices for you and you can even play online with other's which I guess is the main draw for this game. Definitly rent this before you buy it and see if it's for you.

...weekend update

...many things happened this weekend so expect many posts to address each of them. first and foremost, I think i'm gonna stick with this layout or the blog until i can actually understand the code more than now. So sorry if you've been a little wacked out by what's going on lately here...

...friday J & I went to Everclear show at Irving Plaza with people from my office. Since it was our show, we got in the VIP section but it was no big deal since all we were in was the balcony watching the show from up high looking down like the pompus snobs that people thought we were. Was a good show...he was a bit drunk and couldn't hit all the high notes but the whole band was tight...we then proceeded to a bar, had a few drinks with my co-workers then busted over to grassroots and drank there...now he drank a lot before...i downed a few beers before the show, then after with my coworkers then we downed a few at grassroots...we were both sloshy and i called the wolf being a funny man...:)

...I cannot release all the details yet but i have returned to being in a band...details to made known soon enough...

...saturday went out with the wolf and her friends to some "snooty hoity toity, look at me i listen to opera and have french friends WHO SEEMED BORED OUT OF THEIR MINDS type of party." Needless to say, I drank and ate their food...I was going to steal a bottle of wine but they said no and I was sad that I couldn't...plus the fact that the hostess was right there at the door. But i did fart in their bathroom before I left so that was good...

...we then proceeded...oh no wait! This guy C*** then met up with us...This guy had me in stitches...thats all i have to say about that...Now...we then proceeded to this bar down on avenue a and like...6th. Think kinda goth/new wave place/kinda gay bar with trendy people dancing 80s style...was fun!...wolf and i just left after a while and went home...the rest stays with me...

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Friday, November 05, 2004

...so much yummy goodness

This reminds me of a Simpsons episode. All you need is Homer running to the accident drooling with just a bunch of food for him to dip.

Song Playing: Fuel - Die Like This

...Mozilla Firefox Incentive

...as if you needed another reason to NOT use Internet Explorer. If you have Windows XP and have installed the SP2, you should be fine...but I know many out there who do not want to install the SP2 pack because it may F-up your computer.

So please...everyone, download Mozilla Firefox. It's free...you can add on stuff, skin it and it's very safe. Plus the tabbed windows feature should just be incentive for you to download this great internet web browser. Click the link...currently that's the most current, the Firefox 1.0PR...but they should be coming out with a newer version sometime soon..check it out.

Song Playing: Billy Talent - Lies


...this kinda sux for them but it's a great incentive to go golfing...cept for the jail bait.

I have a feeling i'm gonna hear about this post from some people.

Song Playing: boysetsfire - Last Years Nest

...Would You Pay $265.06

...for an early copy of Halo 2 like this guy? I don't have an XBox but I have Halo on PC...yeah it's a good game but seriously...d00d...that's a lot of money. There definitly is no game out there that I would pay that much for.

Song Playing: Linkin Park - Somewhere I Belong (Live from Texas)

Thursday, November 04, 2004

...too funny

...Levi's Coupon

...Check it out...use it before 11/7/04 though.

Levi's Store Printable Coupon for 30% off

Guess where i'm going after work...although i really shouldn't...

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...Katamari Damacy

Gamespot Review

So I finally found this game yesterday at Gamestop on Broadway and 8th in the east village (if you live in nyc, they still have like 3 left). I've heard so many people raving about this simple game I had to get it...was cheap too...found it used for 17 bucks with my gamestop card. So after I got home yesterday from dinner and smallville with the wolf, i popped this little baby into my ps2, passed through the little movies in the beginning and started to play (i'll watch the movies tonite when i can give it my full attention).

I got this game cause sometimes I really don't want to think when playing games. Usually I play RPGs, Strategy, and Adventure games. Stuff like Final Fantasy, Xenogears, Metal Gear Solid, Psi Ops, and of course...Tony Hawk. I tend to also like to play like 3 RPGs at once so trying to keep the stories straight does take a little bit of time. Right now i'm currently playing Final Fantasy X, Xenogears and Knights of the Old Republic on my PC.

Back to K.D. I started playing through the tutorial..pretty easy..just use the analog sticks...then i start playing the actual game. If you don't know what the premis is, the king of cosmos fucked up and now all the stars are gone. You play the prince and you have to roll around this ball picking up stuff from the ground...once it gets big enough, the king will make it into a star. You can pick up anything from small to large...paperclips, to dominos to mice to people then buildings, etc.

I started rolling around picking up pins, cards, paperclips...then my ball got bigger...so i was able to pick up larger stuff like cookies and pencils, then i picked up this mouse that was pissing me off and bumping into me...it was great! As you grow bigger, stuff that were obstacles for you, you can now pick up...like benches and trees.

For such a simple game, it's so much fun. It also has a two player mode so i'm sure the wolf will like this cause she doesn't like hard video games. So for u guys that have girlfriends that complain that you play video games too much...pick this up for 20 bucks and you two can play together.


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...Tell Me That This Doesn't Look Good

...There's no good explanation for this...even though it's a flower...these two girls are admiring it with way too much enjoyment...

Song Playing: Moments In Grace - Brokent Promises

...Why Naked Though?

...so i'm just reading my daily things here at work and I come across this article about a Canadian man who was refused a ticket onto a plane because he couldn't produce a valid credit card. Ok, fine...nothing too weird...so the guy runs onto the tarmac and grabs onto the wheel of a plane thinking he could get onto the plane through that way. Ok...kinda weird...but he was pissed and obviously not smart...but the thing I am still trying to figure out is why in the hell did he strip naked to do this...can someone explain this to me? What if the plane started going and his little friend down there got caught in the wheel or something...dammit...that was a painful thought.

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...Blue Ray Disc of Corn Starch

...hehe, my title sounds like a bad horror movie. Check this out! Japanese scientists have invented a blue-ray disc made of corn starch which can hold 25GIGS of data on it. More eco friendly! I don't know bout you but hopefully this will be patented and distributed. All I would need is just one of these to keep me happy. :)

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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

...ok...some people just need to stop

...read this article about this guy who was trying to convert lions to christianity...you heard me right guys...

Song Playing: Anberlin - Ready Fuels

...don't be sad 'bout the election

...so i know many people must be sad bout the election...i know i am...IT WAS SO DAMN CLOSE...but i'm not gonna go rant about it cause everyone already is...just remember that things could be worse, like if you were on the train today in DC.
...think about it
...by the way...check out the band Anberlin Amazing band...one of my top five all times right now. Think of it as if Morrisey or Robert Smith of the Cure sang for Jimmy Eat World.

Song Playing: Anberlin - Glass to Arson

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

...TV B Gone????

Ok...i just read this and had to put it up here for everyone. Check out this new gadget called TV B Gone. They state that this little device, which is about the size of a car alarm remote, can turn off virtually any tv.

So for example, if you're in a salon or something and you're trying to read, and there's a TV there loud as hell..just use this device and u can turn it off. People magazine stated that after the first order was put through, they got so many orders and hits to the site that it crashed twice.

Now...let me ask you, how many orders do you think were for using this thing for prank purposes or for it's real purpose?

Song Playing: Pearl Jam - rearviewmirror


...a lot of my friends have iPods and i've been getting this question non-stop so i thought i'd post the answer to the everlasting question:


Answer: iPod Agent It's a free software from iPodsoft.com. Very simple to use...you can even sync your iPod to get the weather, news and movie times with this handy program. Looks like the site is down right now...lotta people been finding this site out...also check out the rest of the site...they have little stories you can put on your iPod to read while on your commute. Never tried it myself but give it a shot!

Song Playing: Pantera - This Love


...thought this was cool. if you have Gmail and would like to skin it, check this site out: Gmail Skinning

Found it though Sarah Lane's Blog...you might know her through the G4TechTV show The Screen Savers...a fav of mine. Check it out...fun stuff.

...oh if anyone does need a Gmail account, don't hesistate to ask me. I have a bunch of invites unused...

Song Playing: Joseph Arthur - Honey and the Moon

...happiness in mangaform

...ok for some reason this made my day now. Just got a 20% off coupon for Borders, Books & Music. I thought I'd share it with you. Just print it out! Valid only in US stores till November 7th.

Think i'll pick up another Manga novel. They're actually quite funny and quick read if you're tired of reading your normal book on your commute to work. Last time I picked up Those Who Hunt Elves. Don't know if I want to pick up the second volume or try something new. If anyone would like to recommend anything to me...something funny with fighting...let me know!


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...Vote/Mini Rant

Morning all. First and foremost, please go vote. From what it seems like, I've never seen a turnout like this on election day. It's great that people are letting their voices be heard. I'll be heading to the booth's after work.

Now my rant as I eat my pop tart here at my desk. I'm not a huge political person. I don't mind talking about it at all...but it's not one of my favorite things to talk about. I respect other people's opinions, have discussions, etc...but if you're going to go tell me to go vote for someone that I despise, that I'm throwing my vote away because I'm not voting for him and that I'm an idiot because I'm voting for him...then I'm sorry, I've lost all respect for you and as far as being my friend at that point, you've stepped down a few levels.

Let me just say that felt good but damn was I pissed last night about that.

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Monday, November 01, 2004

...with a passion

GEEZ...i hate it when people walk all the way up the friggin escalator and then stop at the top! Also...i hate those people who are still friggin afraid of the damn escalator...

...work post

...ok it's monday and i'm waitin for a few things to come in the mail. it's november, close to december. tomorrow's election day and hopefully we'll replace the monkey with the horse looking guy cause it's bad when you call the pres an abomination and he says, yep i did that. LOL...i saw that on a t-shirt in union square...i loved it...

...here's my gripe...i saw Team America yesterday and i was all ready to laugh my ass off...everyone telling me it's a funny, kick ass movie. reviews were raving about it...i go see it with the wolf and we both wanted to fall asleep. Comparing it to their other movies (baseketball and the south park movie) this movie was just friggin predictable, had the norm of lewd jokes...is it just supposed to be funny cause of the puppets? Guess i'm just not part of the thunderbirds generation...

...anyways, i should get back to work. recent cd purchases from bands I saw which i think people should get if they're into good rock: Moments in Grace and Brandtson. Both great bands and amazing tunes/lyrics...

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