Friday, November 19, 2004

...back in a band

...ok so I'm back in a band with my best friend J. Background in short is we've been friends since we were tiny fat kids. We grew up playing guitar and formed Harrow, our first band. I left the band and then joined Sarcasm. Played with them a few years, J played with Harrow, then joined Sarcasm with me. After awhile, I quit cause I didn't want to be famous and have that whole lifestyle. J stayed, I went and did the promoting/concert booking thing.

...present day. J was on tour with Sarcasm since May/June and recently returned. We go out to Harry Bowlands and catch up. He tells me he's going to quit and his reasons for it. I will leave his reasons out for the sake of privacy out of respect for him and the band. We decide we form a band together again. Our writing style was great...we would feed off each other making songs that would just hit people in the face. I would always joke that we were like Lennon & McCartney. the past, we never thought we had a great singer. They were good...but there was always that feeling of, it's just not right. Now we have this new singer, our friend S. I have not yet to hear him but everyone has said he's amazing...we shall see.

...for the past two weeks we've been writing and now we have 2 1/2 amazing songs. Last night we wrote this song together that just blows my mind. Think Velvet Revolver meets Emo and that's it. Tomorrow, we are playing at the studio from 11pm to 1am...full band. The truth will come this a band that we'll finally say, "we're happy"?

Song Playing: Senses Fail - Lady In A Blue Dress

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