Wednesday, November 10, 2004

...The Incredibles Review

...last night, the Wolf (who by the way looked damn cute in her little 3/4 coat) and I went out to see The Incredibles, the new Pixar/Disney superhero venture for them to get into this new surge of comicbook/superhero movies that has been going on in the past few years. I'm not complaining though, being a comic book nerd myself, I'm excited about the new Batman movie, the new Superman movie, as well as Ghost Rider, Constantine and even the Fantastic Four movie.

...back to The Incredibles. First and foremost, don't go in with any preconceived notions about the movie. Walk in with a clean slate and you'll enjoy it very much, especially if you're like a comic book/superhero fanboy. I enjoyed it very much and it was very cute.

Just so you know a little about the movie, it's set on an Earth that has superheroes. In the 50's people started sueing the superheroes for causing harm to them while saving them, or damage to property. A law was imposed to have all superheroes act normal and not use their powers ever again. The story goes on from is predictable but also remember, IT'S A CARTOON FOR KIDS!!!

The plot is very family based (duh...Disney) and is basically just a good wholesome, fun, action/comedy cartoon for kids and grownups. Voice talents brought by Craig T. Nelson (COACH!), Holly Hunter (who by the way, her character in the movie is quite sexy...but has a huge ass!...I think it's the voice of Holly Hunter that makes her sexy) and Samuel L. Jackson as double meaning I've heard in a while.

All in all, cute and fun movie :)

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