Thursday, November 04, 2004

...Katamari Damacy

Gamespot Review

So I finally found this game yesterday at Gamestop on Broadway and 8th in the east village (if you live in nyc, they still have like 3 left). I've heard so many people raving about this simple game I had to get it...was cheap too...found it used for 17 bucks with my gamestop card. So after I got home yesterday from dinner and smallville with the wolf, i popped this little baby into my ps2, passed through the little movies in the beginning and started to play (i'll watch the movies tonite when i can give it my full attention).

I got this game cause sometimes I really don't want to think when playing games. Usually I play RPGs, Strategy, and Adventure games. Stuff like Final Fantasy, Xenogears, Metal Gear Solid, Psi Ops, and of course...Tony Hawk. I tend to also like to play like 3 RPGs at once so trying to keep the stories straight does take a little bit of time. Right now i'm currently playing Final Fantasy X, Xenogears and Knights of the Old Republic on my PC.

Back to K.D. I started playing through the tutorial..pretty easy..just use the analog sticks...then i start playing the actual game. If you don't know what the premis is, the king of cosmos fucked up and now all the stars are gone. You play the prince and you have to roll around this ball picking up stuff from the ground...once it gets big enough, the king will make it into a star. You can pick up anything from small to large...paperclips, to dominos to mice to people then buildings, etc.

I started rolling around picking up pins, cards, paperclips...then my ball got i was able to pick up larger stuff like cookies and pencils, then i picked up this mouse that was pissing me off and bumping into was great! As you grow bigger, stuff that were obstacles for you, you can now pick benches and trees.

For such a simple game, it's so much fun. It also has a two player mode so i'm sure the wolf will like this cause she doesn't like hard video games. So for u guys that have girlfriends that complain that you play video games too much...pick this up for 20 bucks and you two can play together.


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