Monday, November 22, 2004

...weekend update

...I am so tired and drained. I'm recycling whatever energy i have not used to get through today and tonite. Don't get me wrong, I had a great weekend:

...Friday night...we had our first rehearsal with everyone friday night. So the five of us set up in Third Rail and start playing the first song that J and I wrote. K gets the drums after awhile and we get the song pretty well. Crap was doing great, K is pretty good (when he's not drinking much). So we then ask S if he has any words or ideas for the song...he tells us to play it from the top and he'll go. So we do...get through the intro...a measure of the first verse...nothing...then the second measure of the first verse...THE BOY SCREAMS OUT "I'D SELL MY SOUL, FOR A CAGE." I look at J and J looks at me. We both have these stupid grins on our faces of HOLY SHIT! Crap was jumping down so happy...of course Crap and I were so happy, we messed up the song and butted guitar heads...but nonetheless, I can now say that I totally am happy with the singer in my band. :) Celebrations occurred afterwords.

...Saturday...Wolf and I went to the Museum of Natural History to see the frogs exhibit. It was actually really cool. They had blue frogs, red frogs, even the frogs that are poisonous. Was fun. We then proceeded to go shopping a little bit and also went to see Finding Neverland that night. What a great movie about the writer of Peter Pan. 2 thumbs up.

...Sunday I showed Rectum around and went shopping. Was pretty fun. I got myself a new backpack by Goorin as well as finding a sale for this week at Circuit City for any Playstation 2 Greatest Hits game for 15.99. Yes I did buy a game...i'm weak what do you want from me. Jak II.

ong Playing: Emery - Bloodless

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