Monday, November 15, 2004

...R.I.P. The Screen Savers

...The television show on G4TechTV, The Screen Savers, as we know it is dead. In the past year, the two networks, G4 (video game network) and Tech TV (video games and computer stuff) merged to form G4TechTV. Ok...all well and good. There were new shows to watch, but some changes on our loved shows, ie The Screen Savers.

...originally the screen savers was hosted by patrick and leo. Two older fellows that gave tips, tweaks, mods, etc on everything from technology to video games. Then when the merger happened...leo was let go...I didn't care, I never liked him. Leo's show Call For Help was cancelled...again. Didn't care. Kevin Rose was then put in Leo's spot. I thought it was great...he was from the show befere doing Dark Deals so it was a familiar face. Small set changes, but still good ol' Screen Savers.

...then patrick was let go and replaced with Alex Albrecht. I was a little disturbed at first but Alex was a good host. The Screen Savers set changed...and also the content seemed to dumb down a bit from techie stuff to more entertainment stuff and segments on easier to understand tech stuff BUT i still enjoyed watching the show.

...November 11th, many people were cut from G4Tech TV at 11 o'clock and were told to leave by 3pm, that included Yoshi, Dan, Alex Albrecht and produces from the screen savers as well as canning Martin Sargent's Unscrewed show. WHAT THE FUCK?! I feel bad for these people...especially Alex cause they hire him for a few months then can him. Also, when the merger happened, people had to move from the original Tech TV home of San Diego (or Francisco) to they fire them. That's such bull. The only originals left on TSS is now Kevin Rose and Sarah. TSS is said to be revamped in the upcoming'll never be the same. :(

...I have a feeling that G4 is just trying to make G4Tech TV a video game network, with little about tech stuff for teens. The merger should've never happened and now G4 is just being greedy. I miss Tech TV.

...Yes i know this was a huge nerdy post but this shit pissed me off...

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