Friday, November 12, 2004

...Marvel at the Wonders of Jager

...hey all. sorry for the late post but it's been busy as all hell around here in these parts. Last night went over to J's with my complimentary bottle of Jagermeister from work and...well...the liter bottle is now down to a 1/4 of a liter...needless to say i feel great this morning except for the fact that i think i've drank 4 bottles of arizona green tea, 3 bottles of poland spring water...AND I STILL HAVEN'T PEED YET...must be replacing all that i lost last night...and man was i gone. We wrote some stuff but i am so sloppy so i need to practice again...

...This weekend will be busy...tonite since it's raining here in the NYC, i'll be spending it in watching dvds with the wolf, tomorrow is opie and anthony with jim breuer, jim norton and rich vos atthe hammerstein ballroom, then sunday thinking of going shopping. we'll see... has anyone seen this? Marvel Comics is suing Cryptic, the makers of City Of Heroes because, if you're not familiar with the Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) City of Heroes, the character creation is so vast and there are so many choices, that the engine allows people to make Marvel Superheroe clones in the game. Therefore, since the engine is diverse to do so, City of Heroes is stealing Marvel Superhero characters.

My thoughts...Marvel is just being greedy and wants in on this hugely popular game. You can't make an exact copy of a marvel superhero from what i heard; just a character that looks remarkably like the superhero. So they're suing on the grounds of the likeness which they do have the right, but c'mon. Marvel is rolling in the dough right now with the resurgance of comic books as well as the comic book movies coming out. rant for the day...people who buy those damn umbrellas that take up 5 highways. I know you want to stay dry but do you know how much of a cock you are by using that damn huge umbrella and blocking the rest of us trying to pass you with our umbrellas. one day i'm just gonna take a razor and slice the top so water just drips down on them...

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