Tuesday, September 27, 2005

TechTv is NOT Coming Back. G4 turing into new SpikeTv.

More bad news for us techtv fans. G4 is now getting shows such as "The Man Show". Many thought a new person in charge would help, but its going more the other way as Leo said.

Face it...Tech TV is dead. :(

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Play game boy Roms on your iPod!

For sometime now, there has been a Gameboy emulator for iPod Linux! As of now, It only works for 4th Gen, Photo, and 1st Gen Mini iPods. You can play regular gameboy games, OR for photo ipod, you can play COLOR gameboy games! Check out the videos at the bottom of the page. Also, a lot of the scaling issues have been fixed in later versions.

THIS IS SICK! Too bad I only have the 3g iPod :(

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Leo and Kate had the Ultimate Gaming Machine in 1998

Leo and Kate overview the Ultimate Gaming Machine back in 1998. This was unreasonable in 1998 with 128 of SD RAM!


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The 100lb Game Boy

Game Boy was a great hand held portable video game, this guy made things weird creating a 100lb unit. You surely need a big cartridge for that big slot boy. Why would you do this??

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The Star Wars: Episode III DVD Features

"The deleted scenes include one that fans have been waiting a long time to see, one that shows Yoda arriving on the swamp-planet of Dagobah, where Luke Skywalker meets him in 'The Empire Strikes Back,'" [Jim] Ward said.

Everyone don't jerk off at once now...

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The Spider-Man III Villains Confirmed

During an interview this weekend promoting Elizabethtown, Kirsten Dunst confirmed rumors to Zap2it that Thomas Haden Church will play Sandman and Topher Grace is Venom in director Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 3, opening in theaters on May 4, 2007.

Pretty sweet guys....but...Topher...as...Venom?

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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Superman: Most Expensive Movie.... Ever.

The Daily Telegraph reports that the New Superman movie, being directed by Bryan Singer, has topped $326 Million dollars--- making it more expensive then Titanic ($250 Million).


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Archive of the Most Famous 'Backwards Messages' in Songs

They allege that these messages can be understood subconsciously when a song is played normally and influence the listeners' behavior and opinons, or even incite them to acts of violence or self-harm.

This is great if you've always wanted to know about any secret messeges on records and never had a record player...or know what one is. LOL.

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Friday, September 23, 2005

Supermassive Black Hole Confirmed

A supermassive black hole with the tonnage of 140,000,000 suns has been found simmering at the center of the Andromeda galaxy, accompanied by a hornet's nest of furious blue stars.

I love the wording on this...so technical, "SUPERMASSIVE"!!!!

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Comparison of Bittorrent Clients

An interesting table that compares the features of 25 different Bittorrent clients. Check this out. I currently use Azeurus and although it lags at times i like it for the interface.

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The Greatest Toy Collection... Ever.

Check out this guy's toy collection. It is possibly the greatest individual toy collection of action figures, models, etc... I have ever seen. There is 260+ pics on this page so be cautious if you have less than a broadband connection. The pictures just keep on going on and on and on! I WANT TO PLAY WITH THE TOYS!

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Funny computer predictions

These are some predictions made from the old days. It just goes to show you that even smart people say dumb things. I love reading these things...it's hilarious sometimes how stupid we were back then.

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The NEW new Harry Potter Trailer

All new Trailer for Harry potter and the Goblet of Fire. Featuring a few more interesting tidbits readers should be sure to recognize from the book. Fans will not be disappointed.


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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Mozilla Firefox 1.0.7 Officially Released

This version includes several security and stability fixes, including a fix for a reported buffer overflow vulnerability and a fix for a Linux shell command vulnerability.

And to add on to our stories from Digg, remember to upgrade your Firefox...it's free so why not get the best out of your browser?

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Now that Opera Browser is free...

Once you download the new browser, heres a wiki page with tips and getting the most out of Opera.

Seriously go check this out if you are not fond of Firefox. I used to use this before it was free and I liked it for the tabbing and smooth interface. Try it out!

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

...HIM Dark Light...HUNGRY...

So, if any of you are into HIM, you must know that they have a new album coming out 9/27 called Dark Light.  You could listen to two tracks on their MySpace from their new album, but if you look at their site, there are pictograms.  It's a puzzle that you have to figure out and the reward is you get to listen to the whole album before it comes out.  HEHE!  If you want the code, messege me!
Work's been hectic lately what with the upcoming Soulfly/Throwdown/Bloodsimple/Incite tour and of course the HIM/Finch/Skindred tour.  Add on top of that all the little bands JH and I have like MH, PTD and of course...Jackyl...you wouldn't be surprised of me snapping here and there.  I have little patience nowadays.  Let's just hope people are understanding...and I have a few cigarettes here and there.
So i'm waiting right now for JH to get back from his lunch meeting so I can go to lunch and have a cigarette.  IT'S 3:30!!  So hungry...ahh the joys of being an Assistant.
Currently Listening to: HIM - Behind the Crimson Door

Do ya like Transformers? How Bout Paperformers?

Paperformers! Transformers made out of paper. And they actually transform. I love finding cool things to make out of paper.

Only if you have WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY too much time on your hands.

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Office Space: Extra Special Edition

BEST BUY: Office Space gift set...includes all your necessary supplies including the infamous RED STAPLER...finally milton will find it!


Currently Listening to The Academy Is... - Classifieds

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Opera is going free!

Opera Software has removed the banners and licensing fee of their Opera Web Browser, and it is now freeware. Check this out if you don't like Firefox (for some weird reason), check out Opera.

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...Apartment at Mercury Lounge...

So we (and when I say we, I mean JH and I at Artist Group International) had Apartment from the UK play at The Mercury Lounge tonite. Originally I wasn't fond of them but after seeing them live, I like them. Definitely check them out...kinda a cross of indie music meets Joy Division. Check them out here!

Before I went there though, I stopped off at Gamestop in the village...was kinda disappointed that they changed the layout. I liked the way it was before. Plus there's different people there now. DAMN THEM! But i did purchase the Pac-man Collection and Tetris Worlds for 20 bucks for my GBA! I wanted to get some new games for my GBA plus lil'miss cutie bought us Tamagotchis! They're the new ones that can communicate with each other...yes...we're a crazy couple.

Time to go play some Warcraft 3!

This Wednesday, come check out my band, Our Finest Hour play at the Pussycat Lounge!

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Monday, September 19, 2005

...Eh, why not?...

So I'm back.  Been away for quite a while. The format of the blog will change to normal style of blogging that you see but I will also post up tech, gamer, nerdy stuff too so no worries. 
For those of you who don't know, I'm one of the guitarist's in the band Our Finest Hour.  You can hear our stuff here:
It's like screamo, post hardcore...and if you don't know what that means just ask me.  Kinda like Atreyu with more singing. 
I'm at work right now but I'm going to a show tonight at Mercury Lounge.  It's one of the bands that I represent with JH (my boss at Artist Group International), Apartment.  I'll write a review of it later tonite.  Peace!
Currently Listening to: Thrice - The Abolition of Man