Tuesday, September 20, 2005

...HIM Dark Light...HUNGRY...

So, if any of you are into HIM, you must know that they have a new album coming out 9/27 called Dark Light.  You could listen to two tracks on their MySpace from their new album, but if you look at their site, there are pictograms.  It's a puzzle that you have to figure out and the reward is you get to listen to the whole album before it comes out.  HEHE!  If you want the code, messege me!
Work's been hectic lately what with the upcoming Soulfly/Throwdown/Bloodsimple/Incite tour and of course the HIM/Finch/Skindred tour.  Add on top of that all the little bands JH and I have like MH, PTD and of course...Jackyl...you wouldn't be surprised of me snapping here and there.  I have little patience nowadays.  Let's just hope people are understanding...and I have a few cigarettes here and there.
So i'm waiting right now for JH to get back from his lunch meeting so I can go to lunch and have a cigarette.  IT'S 3:30!!  So hungry...ahh the joys of being an Assistant.
Currently Listening to: HIM - Behind the Crimson Door

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