Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Slow Day...

So today is Rosh Hashana (sp?) and with consideration that most of the music industry is Jewish (if you didn't know, I work as an Assistant Booking Agent at AGI) it's quite quiet today in the office. So quiet that my boss (one of the agents) and another agent are in the confrence room, playing PSX's (Playstation 1 for all you who don't know) Madden 2002. I can hear screams and taunting from my desk. It's great. Laugh my ass off through out the day.

So here's my day: Woke up at 6AM to go to the doctor's office to fill out forms cause I'm having my tonsils out soon. From there go to the hospital to get bloodwork done. Get on the train to go to work bout 9:30AM. Get to work at 10:30AM.

10:30AM to basically now i've answered about...10 calls at most. So quiet. Needless to say i'm kinda restless and tired but oh well.

OFH has no practice again this week which really bothers me cause this month is going to suck with practices and we really need to write more. I've been slacking in the writing department too. I need a muse.

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