Monday, October 03, 2005

Weekend Update where should I start. Friday was fun. It was Nelsonfest at our friend's place where Never Say Die played and We Are The Music Makers. GOOOOOOOD TIMES full of lots of beer and liquor and my girlfriend making out with lots of them. I love my life :)

Saturday we got to see the second to final draft of our music video and let me tell you that was great. We all got a copy of it and watched it over 50 times. It's a real video. Our director submits his videos to FUSE TV, MTV2, MTVU and other music channels and they sometimes play them. I'll tell you guys how to see it when I know.

We had a show at RedZone Saturday night in Queens. Definitely a hole in the wall but we had a really good crowd. Many new fans were made that night. This really really really young punk band opened for us. Like Sex Pistols/Rancid wannabes. Ungreatful to cause we let them borrow one of our amp heads since they blew theirs out during their set and never a thank you or stay for our set. I can't stand punk kids like that. If you're all about the music and the scene...why don't you stay for the music.

That night we all made tacos and had smoke fun. From that night I found that there were people in my pants opening and closing doors. I'm going to end this entry on that note.

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