Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Lament of the Adult Gamer

I'm sure there are blog posts every Monday that will start off by saying something to the effect of:

Where did the weekend go? I need one more day just to myself!

For us adult gamers, that's very true.  As I get older, I see my gaming time grow less, but my social life getting busier.  That's not a bad thing though because I always find being around friends/family better than sitting on my chair in front of the TV for a few hours battling goblins in Oblivion.  Going out for friend's birthdays, family get togethers plus on top of that, now that i'm getting married, there's the prep for that and a whole new family & the integration into that.  All of it is just mind blowing sometimes to think how i'm juggling all of this.

So where's the time for video games?

As I get older, I notice that my time to play a video game goes on a downward slope.  Casual games on my phone or 10 minute spurts on my DS or PSP is all I get recently.  Sure, I could bring my PSP on the train to play on the way to work, but that's my reading time.  I can play in between commercials on TV but that really doesn't make me feel like i'm paying attention.

Why not after work? Well after eating dinner, gym, showering after the gym, hanging out with the future Mrs., bed time creeps up on ya pretty fast.  Weekends are spent with friends, family and errands...so where's the time!!!

There really is no solution to this though.  You just have to take advantage of the time you have to sit down and explore the games that you have.  You need to accept that you're not going to play every new game that comes out or even finish any of the games you have.  That new Call of Duty coming out...you'll get it maybe a few months down the line when it's cheaper.  Patience is a big factor with this...patience and acceptance are the key with being an adult gamer.

So when you get that time to yourself to sit down, don't try to play everything you can in that one sitting.  Just enjoy the time you have because it's not going to be the last time you ever play.

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