Monday, September 19, 2011

Time Flies...Unlike this Rooster.

This is a rooster.  He was the protector of the swords & armor shop.  The rooster will wreck ya.

Busy weekends come and go just leaving you to ask yourself: Did I even get to relax this weekend?  Those are usually good weekends but come Monday, you ask yourself this question, tally up what you did and realize why time really does fly!

That's not to say I didn't have a good weekend.  From cheap dinner with my fiance to Macy's suit & wedding shopping to the New York Renaissance Faire (see sword & armor rooster above) to just hanging out at a house with a few couples talking over several bottles of wine...I would say it was a great weekend!

While sitting with our friend's on Saturday night over some bottles of wine, we came upon a funny realization.  As children, we were made to go to bed early.  This was torturous especially when there was company over; hearing laughter downstairs as a kid from your parents and their friends, you'd want to stay up and be cool like them.  

That night, with our friend's 1 year old twins sleeping in their cribs in the next room, we realized that we are now those parents and friends that are in the next room laughing and having fun.  The twins, even though they can't really talk yet, must be wondering the same as we did back then.  When they're older, they'll be coming out and asking us if they can stay with the grown ups.  The tables have turned Mr. Rooster.

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