Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Adventure City Where Everything Goes Wrong BUT You Still Have Fun!

Adventures in Atlantic City is what happened this past Friday night.  Without spending 24 hours in the city, we managed to miss the concert (save for 2 songs), lose our hotel reservations at Harrah's, got cheaper rooms at ShowBoat and pay a ridiculous amount of tolls to NJ.  I've come to realization that New Jersey tolls are the reason that change currency is still in circulation.

Starting from picking up the rental cars, things weren't going right due to the long line and not getting the car that was reserved.  Upon picking up the rest of our party peoples, we find out that the GPS that was given to us by a family member will not work because he gave us the wrong car lighter adapter!  Instead, we used the iPhone GPS/directions.  

The task of getting out of NYC on a Friday night at 8PM is what it is: daunting but my fiance did an amazing job.  While she was driving through the crazy NYC traffic, the indoor car light was on and we couldn't figure out how to turn it off.  I even ran out at a red light to check if the trunk was closed (it was).  After quite some time of driving around with the light on, I leaned over to my fiance while driving and found a dial that turned it off...even though this looked like I was giving road head. HA!

Fast forward 2+ hours (yes...it's THAT far away!) and we make it to our destination catching the last 1.5 songs of the show.  Sadness :(  We do the music industry thing, see the band, hang out in a small dressing room, drink the beer then move to the VIP room at a club to just hang out.  That was a lot of fun to be there and hang with the band.  They played on Fallon earlier that night so the club was nice enough to put it on the TV in the room.  To watch their reactions seeing their performance on TV were priceless and genuine.  Amazing bunch of people who are very humble.

The rest of the night is a blur from Harrah's giving away our hotel rooms at 2AM (they were completely booked...at the beginning of November...who knew it was a popular time) to getting cheaper rooms at Show Boat to scarfing down a corn-beef sandwich on rye in a place called Canal.  Definitely a different experience than I had the last time I was in AC (I was 12 then)...but oh so much fun.

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