Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Our Early Christmas Present!

Our New Buddy Spencer the Cat
Christmas came a little early for us.  After going through a little approval process, my fiance & I are the proud parents of Spencer the Cat aka Dr. Pickles.  He's 18 months and through the wonderful people at Brooklyn Animal Action, we were able to rescue this little guy and bring him to our little apartment.

We've been looking for a cat that fits us for about a month now and it's been harder than you think.  After doing some searching on Petfinder, going to different rescues, we found Spencer who's little video sold us on him.  He was described as a very loving lap cat and he is exactly that.  We wanted an older cat because there's so many older cats out there that are just overlooked because most people want a cute little kitten.  While he is considered an adult cat, he's still only 18 months and very much a baby.

The people at Brooklyn Animal Action (B.A.A.) really made the adoption process very easy for us.  They rescue cats and set them up in foster homes, get them spayed/neutered and up to date with shots all the while they look for a new home for these abandoned/stray kitties.

After filling out a lengthy application about who we are, what type of household we have, animal history PLUS giving them references (which they do check), we were able to meet Spencer at his foster home.  We saw him for 3 minutes before he hid under the bed but we knew that he was the kitty for us.  B.A.A. then delivered him to us a few days later.  The delivery of the cat allows them to check out your apartment/house to make sure that he's in good hands.

As I sit here writing this blog entry while watching the WWE Slammies, he's just chillin right next to me watching along with me.  The first night he took to us really well letting us hold him and pet him most of the night.  He did hide from us behind the couch a few times and when we went to bed, he hid under the bed.  This morning though we both woke up to find him sleeping at the foot of our bed.

When getting ready for work this morning, he walked around with us, visited each of us as we got ready...I don't think we could have asked for a better kitty for us.  He's been so good and we couldn't be happier.  If you're in the Brooklyn or NYC area and are looking for a cat of your own, take a look at their list of kitties up for adoption or just visit your local shelter!

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