Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Kitty Adoption

How can you say no to that?
My fiance and I are contemplating adopting a cat.  Both of us have had cats before with our prior roommates and really enjoyed having them (they're living with our old roommates now).

As of late, we've missed having a little buddy around the house, purring, looking to be pet or just curled up in a ball on the bed (other than me being curled up in a ball on the bed).

Recently, we've come across a cuddly cat like you see above through Brooklyn Animal Action.  We're looking to adopt an older cat instead of a kitten because the older cats get, the less they get adopted.  Over the weekend, we put in an inquiry, filled out an adoption application and went through a phone interview and gave references to meet our prospective cat.  Looks like we passed though since we're going to meet him on Wednesday!

If all goes well, we can have him :)

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