Monday, December 17, 2007

...Gotta love the crazy thing that is Music...

...i have to say that it's great to work in the music industry. Sunday night, we had The Dillinger Escape Plan play at The Blender Theatre at Gramercy. The only way to describe this band and show is pure sonic and visual overload...with fire. :) As much as I go crazy when i'm on stage playing with my band, jumping, dancing and bangin my guitar around, I will never understand how Dillinger does it.

...first song they play, they are all flipping out, guitars are being swung as if they're chopping 20 trees down and into the first verse, both Ben/guitarist and Greg/vocalist jump into the crowd and STILL the song is perfect. This is a band that rivals any band out there that claims to have a great stage performance. Their new album Ire Works has introduced me into a new genre of music that I never liked before but now can appreciate. Since I've listened to their new album, I've gone back and bought Miss Machine and Calculating Infinity. Brutal, intense, amazing riffs and melodies...GO NOW LISTEN.

...this leads us up to yesterday. This week is the last week for work till break (the one thing about working in music is that most companies in the music industry close for the Christmas holiday till the new year; like being back in college!). Basically the office is pretty much dead as many companies we work with have long gone and all that's left are the local stragglers trying to finish up as quick as possible leaving me and my bunkmate to hitting the STUMBLE button on our FireFox browsers or heading over to Digg, IMing wacky sites to each other. last night I headed over to the Bowery Ballroom to check out this band InnerPartySystem and was happily surprised to find that they were impressive. A dancy, rock, indie band that brings a wall of sound to yell at you and say: rock out with your c*** out and dance. Look out for them in the future. ::for those that like Men, Women & Children, Head Automatica, Brandtson::