Thursday, December 13, 2007

...It Just Bothers Me...OKAY!?... this episode of things I hate we'll touch on the finer things of the NYC transit and our favorite past time: Waiting In Line! ::Cue Booing Crowd::

...if there's anyone reading this who's from NYC, supposedly we're supposed to get snow today! Looking outside right now, it's's's also dry...NO SNOW. But, numerous schools closed and the city is taking precaution. I'm guessing this is why my 6 train this morning came late. I was on the train at 9:50AM (mind you it's usually there at 9:42AM on the dot so I get to work at 10AM). I get on the train to only find out it's going express, which made me happy because A: I got a seat and B: my stop is the 2nd express stop. we pass the many pissed off people at the local stops I smile and go back to watching the newest DiggNation on my Zune player. When we get to the first express stop, 8 billion people cram into the train. Needless to say, I forgot that this would happen (How? I don't's early in the morning.) but here I am sitting in the middle of the train car, now when I have to get off the train, I have to fight my way through strollers, backpacks and so help me, tourists.

...getting out of the station to the world that is NYC is always a fun time I must say. It's like NASCAR racing where you learn to weave in and out of people's way; slow people that walk up the stairs, people carrying those damn luggages with wheels, tourists (they're everywhere), etc. Sometimes I make it a game and make little VRROOOOM VRROOOOM noises as I go past people. It's the little things that make me smile. One thing though that you should NOT do while walking up the stairs or at the top of the stairs is check your damn voicemail or crack-berry. I get to my office and I decide to go get a choco-chip muffin because well...why not? Don't question the choco-chip! I pay for it and I turn around and there's a guy waiting behind me to get a cup of coffee that I bump into. Now...i'm not going off on that...i'm going off on the fact that he's STANDING 1cm BEHIND ME! And he scoffs as I bump into him and say sorry. It's called personal space dude...try it out.

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