Sunday, June 24, 2007 3 current albums replaying on my Zune... i thought i would start doing a current top 3 every month or twice a month considering that this usually changes a lot. working in the music industry, you get to learn about an enormous amount of new bands that either will get very popular or will just pass quickly under the radar. hopefully i'll be able to help these bands out and maybe you out there in the reader world will find out about some new bands!...

It Prevails - Album: The Inspiration
Their first record out on Rise Records is reminicent of a mix of Shai Halud, Strongarm and Further Seems Forever (musically not vocally). This is TRUE melodic hardcore with riffs through out the verses; almost reminds me of as if Jeff Buckley found a dual rectifier, plugged in and just played with Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed.

Jeff Buckley - Album: Live at Sin-e
This has to be one of the best live albums I have ever heard. I've been in a Buckley kick for a while now and i've only recently been learning more about his life and how he loved his Cafe shows. Jeff played at Sin-e a lot and this album makes you feel like you are in the audience and he's talking to you in between songs. He makes you feel as if you are part of his music and you're not just watching a show. You are part of his family. This album includes a few covers which are not your norm: Van Morrison's Sweet Thing and The Way Young Lovers Do. On top of that is probably the best Queen cover i've ever heard of Calling You. This alone is worth it.

Rise Against - Album: The Sufferer & The Witness
Absolutely the best sophomore album (on a major...this is actually their third album in reality) i've heard in a long time since Pearl Jam's Vs. It's great to see a political band get some recognition from the majors such as the late great BoySetsFire. Two great songs are The Approaching Curve and Behind Closed Doors. The hooks are amazing, the music is just pure punk; the dynamics and changes in the music makes me keep wondering what they'll do next even though I know what's coming. Words don't put this album to justice...

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