Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ice T & Video Games...they do go hand in hand actually

Nog it up!
Coffeemate Egg Nog creamer is at our grocery store.  It's officially the holiday season!  Time flies huh? It's already Halloween next week.

This past weekend, I finished Ice T's latest book, Ice, and I have to say, there is NO way you can read this book and not think that Ice T is the man.  His views on life (love the little Ice-isms at the end of the book) and how he took what he went through, flipping it to be a positive fuel to get himself to where he is today...really inspiring. Absolute must read for anyone who watchs Law & Order: SVU, listens to Body Count or even knows who Ice is.  Added plus: he's a gamer also!

Spent most of the weekend in the insanity that is Staten Island with the future in laws, had dinner & drinks with some friends visiting from VA...nothing too crazy.

Thanks to CheapAssGamer's trade forums, I recently got Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2!  Really enjoying it now that I can go and finish this storyline.  Only a few hours into it, but I am already seeing some recycling of levels here and there.  I don't really care cause the gameplay is a lot of fun.  How can you NOT enjoy duel wielding light sabers and changing their crystals?

While that scratches my sci-fi itch, I also played a little Arcania: Gothica 4 yesterday (another game I got thanks to CheapAssGamer's trade forums).  This game didn't have many good reviews, but I am enjoying it...call it RPG lite compared to Oblivion being RPG heavy.  Still VERY early in this storyline but it's nice that I can pick it up from time to time and move through it at my own pace.

Today, we start Wicked.  Let's see how this goes...

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