Wednesday, October 05, 2011

iPhone 4S Two Cents

Yesterday Apple announced the new iPhone 4S and people were very sad/upset that it wasn't the iPhone 5.  They also disregard the fact that they normally debut new complete iterations of the iPhone at the WWDC.  Apple was very quiet about this press conference (probably because Amazon was holding an event the week before for their new tablet).  Normally there's a lot of speculation, the various tech sites would have stories about different ideas on what the new phone would look like or even a leak that someone found the new iPhone.  None of that happened (at least from what I saw).

Personally, I switched from iPhone 3G to Android and haven't looked back.  I have a Samsung Captivate and love it because I can do practically anything with this little thing.  You can call the Android platform the PC to the iPhone's Mac.  I do find, however, the price drop of the iPhone 4 to $99 intriguing...but not enough for me to go back.  New chip...not interested.

Their introduction of Siri is pretty interesting though, I must say.  You know you live in the future when people say, "That's it?" to a program that basically acts like your own personal assistant.  That's it???  You can talk to this program, it understands you, and will tell you what your day will be like.  Previously, Siri did not handle voice recognition but now your able to just speak to your iPhone, conversationally, and Siri will answer you via text and speech.  How can you NOT be impressed?

Oh...that's's not a newer, prettier iPhone.

In other news, the new Machine Head album, Unto The Locust, is out and you all should give it a listen.

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